Monday, September 20, 2010

Classic Car Show and Auction on the Boardwalk

Growing up near the Jersey Shore, many think about those days when they would cruise the strip in a really cool car - especially a convertible.  Reminisce about that time by visiting the Wildwoods boardwalk this weekend to see the Classic Cars.  The boardwalk will be lined with every type of car imaginable from yesteryear.

If just looking is not enough, take part in the Classic Car Auction that takes place this weekend. 

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The Irish are Coming!!!

This weekend will mark the end of September Festival Weekends in the Wildwoods.  We have had Roar to the Shore, Fireman's Convention, and now the Irish are Coming.  Many would say that we have saved the BEST for last.  Born a Driscoll with family hailing from County Cork, I would have to agree.

There will be about 250,000 at the north end of the Island in the entertainment district of North Wildwood for lots of Irish music, vendors, beer and lots of fun.  It is definitely something to be seen and a fun time for all our guests who attend.  The best is the trolleys that run the length of the island so that the revelers may go back and forth to the festival without driving or worrying about parking. 

For information about this North Wildwood tradition, check out the Irish Fall Festival.  In North Wildwood this weekend,everyone is Irish.

Innkeeper Candlelight Inn Bed and Breakfast New Jersey Shore