Thursday, March 31, 2011

9/11 Ceremony in the Wildwoods

We were honored to attend a ceremony for 9/11 yesterday.  The Patriot Flag, which was made to honor all those who were lost that fateful day, is traveling the country before the 10th anniversary of the terrorists attacks.  it is huge - 30 feet by 55.5 feet.  During the ceremony, we heard from first responders and those who lost loved ones in the World Trade Center.  It was moving and very patriotic.

The ceremony was held in our Convention Center.  Immediately across from the Convention Center is the smaller version of the Vietnam Wall that was erected last year to commemorate all those lost in the Vietnam Conflict.  Small town America seems to embrace patriotism with parades and special ceremonies such as this.

Organized by the Flag Man of Cape May County, Marvin Hume, this ceremony was moving and special and provided us all a time to reflect on 9/11 as we approach the 10 year anniversary.  If you are visiting from Memorial Day to Labor Day, you may want to attend a flag ceremony.  They are held each evening at Sunset Beach.  Every evening a flag that was once draped over the casket of a US serviceperson is lowered during a ceremony.  It is a wonderful event to end a beautiful day enjoying all this great country has to offer.

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