Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thank you to the Candlelight Inn Staff

This summer at the Candlelight Inn, we were blessed with many wonderful guests.  We worked hard to make their stay as good as possible.  While we receive many compliments, our staff is the reason we are able to make our guests comfortable.

This summer, we had a terrific team.  Kelly, our housekeeping manager, worked diligently to train our summer staff.  She did a great job!!  As in summer's past, we have hired international students to assist with the housekeeping and kitchen duties at the Inn.  This summer, we had two wonderful young women from Bulgaria.  Nadya and Yasmina worked incredibly hard and made a real impression on us and our guests.

We were sad to see them go back to Bulgaria, but do hope to see them again next year.  So, to Kelly, Nadya, and Yasmina, a big thank you for all your hard work this summer.  You all helped to make the Candlelight shine!!

Innkeeper Candlelight Inn Bed and Breakfast New Jersey Shore

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hurricane Irene and the Candlelight Inn

Boarding Up
Well, the end of summer was certainly interesting. Hurricane Irene really provided an opportunity for us to practice boarding up, sandbagging, and evacuating.  This is our 13th season and it is the first time we had to do everything we ever thought we might consider doing if a hurricane came to the Wildwoods.

It was a good practice session as the extra preparations were not really necessary.  Hurricane Irene was actually fairly mild for us.  The surf never breached the dunes, the winds were no stronger than we can experience in the winter, and the Candlelight, once again, weathered Mother Nature quite well.

Our Home away from home!
The biggest challenge for us was getting the Inn back up and running.  After locking things down tight, we had a lot of freshening up to do.  It took several days to get everything back in order, but we greeted guests on Monday and worked our way through all the challenges.  Our issues were mild, though, and we are grateful that our area was spared the worst of this storm.  Our hearts go out to those in North Jersey and New England who had to deal with real problems and great loss.  We have a few pictures for you to see our preparations and our ocean after the storm.
The surf after Irene passed

Thanks to everyone for your concern.  We really appreciate the calls, e-mails, and facebook posts.  It was heartening for us to read them as we sat out the storm.

We now hope to share storm stories with you in person.  So, come on down and enjoy the rest of summer at the Jersey Shore. 

Innkeeper Candlelight Inn Bed and Breakfast New Jersey Shore