Monday, February 27, 2012

The Candlelight Inn is Helping to Clean the World

As part of our mission to provide quality service and a great experience at the Candlelight Inn, we have kept ourselves involved in continuous education through our industry.  The Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII), holds a national conference each year.  The event involves educational sessions and a terrific vendor show.  For innkeepers, it is like being a kid in a toy store.

A couple of years ago, while walking through the vendor show, I came upon Clean the World.  They were looking to sign up B&Bs in their program that takes used soap, sterilizes it and sends it to people in poor, war-torn, or disaster-torn areas of the world.  Their mission is simple:
"Our goal is mighty, but our solution is simple — save the millions of lives lost each year to acute lower-respiratory infection and diarrheal illness by distributing recycled soap and promoting proper personal hygiene practices".
To support this effort, we take those toiletries that guests would traditionally throw away and we send them to Clean the World to re-use.  We provide signage in our bathrooms that ask tell our guests:

We are participating in the “Clean the World” toiletry recycling program.  We ask that you do not throw unused portions of soap, shampoo or conditioner in the trash.  Thank you for helping in our efforts to “Clean the World.”

Recently, I was asked to participate in a radio program, DIY World Improvement, that was discussing the Clean the World Program.  It was a great opportunity to contribute to an effort that is simple but can help so many in the world.  If you have time, please listen and learn more about this wonderful effort.  

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