Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cape May County Wetlands Institute "Adopt a Terrapin" Project

For those of you who are very interested in preserving our eco-system, the Wetlands Institute is promoting the “ADOPT A TERRAPIN” Project. 

Diamondback terrapins are relatively small, harmless turtles that live in salt marshes along the Atlantic coastline. The loss of population may result in negative impacts to the salt marsh ecology.  Nowadays, the only nesting habitat available to female terrapins along the Atlantic coast of New Jersey is the embankments of roads crossing and adjacent to coastal salt marshes. Locally, many hundreds of adult female terrapins are maimed or die each year during the nesting season (normally late May through mid-July) while attempting to cross roads in search of suitable nesting habitat.  Additionally, terrapins die each year by drowning in commercial crab traps. 

Come and visit the Wetlands Institute to find out about this project as well as all the other wonderful work they are doing to preserve our ecology.

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