Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy in Wildwood, NJ

Thanks to everyone who wrote, called, facebooked, etc. to find out how we fared during Hurricane Sandy.  We were evacuated for a couple of days and returned to the island as soon as we could.   When we got back, we were relieved to have very minimal water damage at the Inn.  We are working on those issues  and expect to have most of it dealt with this week.

The fact that the eye of the storm came through north of us and that we have very large beaches, made the impact in the Wildwoods less severe than in other parts of the Shore.  While there are people suffering here with flooded homes, most of us are very lucky to be living comfortably in our homes and opening our businesses to those who can come (as soon as people can buy gas for their cars).  We have gas and electric and are truly thankful.

We are so sad to see the devastation in my hometown of Staten Island and in other shore communities throughout New Jersey and Long Island.  To our inland friends who have had damage from trees and power outages, we are thinking of you as well.  We pray for you all and wish you the strength to face each day as you get your lives back together.

I have put some pictures I have found from various sites of the Hurricane in the Wildwoods.

Innkeeper Candlelight Inn Bed and Breakfast New Jersey Shore


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