Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wildwood Restaurant Week Starts August 26th

Summer may be coming to the end, but the most delicious part is scheduled for next week.  Wildwood Restaurant Week is starting on the  26th of August.  This is the week that you can combine your love of the beach with great food at many of the restaurants in the area. 

Many of our favorites are part of this event: Piro's; Gia's; Good Fish; the Wharf; Claude's; and Jersey Girl.  So make your reservations at the Candlelight and let us make reservations at your favorite restaurant.

Innkeeper Candlelight Inn Bed and Breakfast New Jersey Shore

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wildwood Boat Tour - Salt Marsh Skimmer

Join Capt. Ginny & Capt. Ed aboard the pontoon boat Skimmer. Trips depart from Dolphin Cove Marina reached from Ocean Drive just north of the Cape May canal. This pristine area of the salt marsh offers birding as soon as you board the boat and offers an up close look at salt marsh ecology. Up close sightings of herons, egrets, nesting Osprey, gulls & terns, shorebirds, the ever-elusive Clapper Rail, and of course, Black Skimmers are all here and they’re waiting for you!  Tours remain on placid inland waters and allow you to see one of N.J.'s densest populations of nesting Ospreys. Nearly a dozen nests are visible at once! The 40’ SKIMMER routinely visits these spectacular natural areas.  Cruises offer an up close look at salt marsh ecology.  Your fare promotes a non-consumptive use of our environment. 

For reservations, times and directions visit their website or call (609) 884-3100.
Cost: $25 (2 hour trip)   Coupons may also be available.  And, book early as the trips have been selling out.

 Innkeeper Candlelight Inn Bed and Breakfast New Jersey Shore

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dining in Wildwood - The Wharf Gives Great Sunsets and Terrific Food

Lobster Tail stuffed with Crab Imperial

This year, we have been reintroduced to the Wharf.  Years ago we went and thought it was mediocre at best.  But, NOW, it is a great find for summer dining.  We have been there twice and sent lots of guests.  They have all come back raving about their meals. We recommend that you give the Wharf a try.  We think you will find it a great dining option in the area.  And, when your are there, ask for Barbara to be your sever.  She will take very good care of you.

Sunset at the Wharf
The Wharf
708 West Burk Avenue, Wildwood

Innkeeper Candlelight Inn Bed and Breakfast New Jersey Shore