Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cape May County Zoo and Park

The Cape May County Zoo is a favorite of our guests.  They enjoy strolling through the park with the heavy tree cover.  Even on the hottest day, the zoo provides some comfort from the heat of the day.

The Zoo is a surprise for many who look askance at the suggestion when it is raised at breakfast.  What is equally quick to happen is that one or more guests will pipe in that they have been there and recommend it highly.  So, more guests go and the conversation builds over the weekend.

The Cape May County Zoo is one of the top small zoos in the country.  It is not just a little petting zoo designed for young children.  They also have large enclosures that hold large range animals, a reptile exhibit, bird house, snow leopards and lots more.  On April 20th, two baby snow leopards were born and there will be a naming contest soon.  Himani has given birth to 7 cubs in just four years, which is quite rare.  While they are not available for viewing just yet, they will be sometime in June.

If you are in the area, you should definitely consider a trip to the Zoo.

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